Recorded talks

Context-awareness for elderly care

Academy of Finland Research Fellow Denzil Ferreira's pitch about his Key Project funding project "CARE: Context-Awareness for Elderly Care" and the results they've gotten. The project aims at raising family’s and friends’ awareness of elderly care needs to strengthen and create social bonds. By understanding elders’ wellbeing and social context, we can provide information and better care for our elders. By understanding their routines, we can inform the design of future homes to support independent living of the elders.

In: Academy of Finland - September 2018

Understanding human-behavior

Mobile phones have an increasing spectrum of built-in sensors, such as motion, light, atmospheric pressure. These sensors are primarily used to enhance the user experience with the device, such as detecting the screen orientation. More important for scientists, these sensors offer the potential to sense and reason about the user’s environment, or in other words, the user’s context. Mobile phones are the most widespread personal sensing device and provide an exciting opportunity for wider cross-disciplinary research to attain a better understanding of human behaviour by analysing the users’ unique context.

In: Madeira ITI - June 2017

Page: https://www.m-iti.org/content/understanding-human-behaviour-technology-challenges-tools-methods

AWARE: an open-source instrumentation toolkit

AWARE is a framework dedicated to instrument, infer, log and share mobile context information by sensor instrumentation, for application developers, researchers and smartphone users. AWARE captures hardware-, software-, and human-based data from smartphones. The data is then analyzed using AWARE plugins. They transform data into information you can understand.

In: Mobiconf 2015 - October 2015