OuluRest – location-aware restaurant finder

Oulu public and pervasive displays!
Oulu public and pervasive displays!

Finding an open restaurant after 7pm at Oulu is mission almost impossible. OuluRest was a public display application geared to show where to eat, and how to get there based on where you are.


The 1st International UBI Summer School was held in Oulu, Finland, on May 31 – June 4, 2010. The purpose of the summer school was to provide young researchers with an opportunity to gain deeper insight to the multidisciplinary fields of ubiquitous and urban computing, to stimulate international R&D networking and to promote the UBI Challenge. 75 students from 20 countries participated in the summer school.

The Real World Context-Aware Applications workshop discussed the design and development of context-aware systems. It engaged participants in building their own context-aware systems with a variety of mobile phone and fixed environment sensors.

Participants were exposed to behavioral/anthropological methods in selecting systems to build, to a variety of software tools for building applications and to a variety of methods for evaluating these systems.

In the workshop, we discussed the details for building context-aware systems in domains such as healthcare, mobile computing, and transportation. We also investigate a number of aspects of context-aware systems related to the usability and experiences in using these systems: intelligibility, the role of machine learning, end user control, end user feedback, etc.


Cheng Zhi, from NTNU
Denzil Ferreira, from CMU | M-ITI
Ting-Ray, from VTT | MIT
Xiao Hui, from SHU


The design process involved observing and interviewing the locals and tourist, a brainstorming session, fast prototyping, validating the prototype, iterate based on the feedback, prototype again.


Displays current location of the public display, multiple language support, shortest route to the restaurant on foot, current status of the restaurant (green is open, red is closed), surrounding restaurants and street-view on the location.

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